Who is Jesus?

‘I am… the truth…’ (John 14:6)

Who am I? What is the purpose of life? How can I know God is real and trustworthy? How can I live a good life in this world? These are some of life’s most important questions. The Bible doesn’t try to give us direct answers to all our questions, instead it points us to a person, the person of Jesus.

who do you say I am?’ (Matt 15:16)

Jesus lived the most compelling life – healing, forgiving, reconciling, instructing and comforting people with his powerful presence. He challenged greed and injustice, critiqued dead religion, befriended outcasts and defended the weak. He was just as comfortable eating with prostitutes as he was confident talking with kings. His teaching about money, sex, power and every area of life that’s important to us have transformed our world for the better. Love him or hate him but we can’t ignore him, history won’t allow us.

‘I am the resurrection and the life…’ (John 11:25)

Central to Jesus’ teaching was his claim to be God in the flesh. He wouldn’t allow us to see him as a prophet or a teacher – a good moral and spiritual example. He was constantly pointing to the fact that he came to live the life we ought to have lived, die the death we ought to have died and be raised to life, to give us and the whole world a fresh start – a life of victory over death and evil now and forever more.


This is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son so that no one need be

destroyed; by believing in Him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life. John 3:16 MSG

Jesus loves you.

We so often present to God reasons for Him not to love and accept us because of our past or our shortcomings. Pride and guilt have the same root – we long for unconditional love and acceptance. No matter how hard we work at being good people we always fall short and we can never make up the gap between us and God. But Jesus has done it for us and our first step is to accept that… to accept Him. Only He has the power to free us from guilt, shame and condemnation and the hold of sin and to give us a life of wholeness. All we have to do is turn to Him in faith.

‘I will build my church…’ (Matt 16:17)

The church exists, from Jesus, for Jesus and to be like Jesus. This is a high calling and demands a glorious standard which we will always fall short of. Despite the church’s many shortcomings, Jesus remains the same. That’s why we keep doing church with one direction and intention… towards Jesus. We’d love you to be part of that journey with us.


But whoever did want him,

    who believed he was who he claimed

    and would do what he said,

He made to be their true selves,

    their child-of-God selves.

John 1:12 (MSG)