Kids are a big deal to us



Destiny Kids is not just a programme but a church for children. We believe that kids of all ages have a God-breathed capacity for understanding the bigness, fullness, and depth of who He is and that the same Spirit that is in Jesus can be in them as well.

Each Sunday is viewed as an opportunity to impact a child’s life in a significant way through groups specifically targeted to their age.

As a volunteer team we aim to be passionate, energetic and dedicated to presenting a relevant programme that teaches them about Jesus in a unique and age-appropriate way, ensuring that Sunday is the best day of their week. 

We want Kids to encounter God through worship, the preaching of the bible, giving, connect groups and prayer in a safe, clean and secure environment. Starting on time is a important factor in creating this environment.

To ensure a safe and secure area, we have a check-in and check-out system. We open our check-in 45 min before the start of each service. Kids must be checked-in with an adult and only that adult can check them out after the service. Check-in closes 10 mins after the start of the service.

Our Mission



We have two age appropriate environments in Kids Church:

DK Tots (1 yrs – Gr R) :

Is a purposeful environment that includes playtime and multimedia that helps toddlers to become aware of the love of God at an early age. Moms or dads are welcome to join in during this time or to leave toddlers in the hands of our trained volunteers. In the near future ages 1-3 years and ages 4-6 years will have separate classes.


DK Seniors (Gr 1- Gr 7) :

We have exciting praise and worship, small group interaction and clear, age-appropriate, practical teaching is provided by our dedicated team. We split our kids between grade 1-4 and 5-7 in order to meet their needs and provide content that is appropriate for their age.

High School:

We do not currently have a Friday night Youth Programme. We are running three Youth Connect Groups that will be gathering on a Friday night from 17:00 – 18:30 for Grade 8 to Grade 12.


Kids Church Team

Church is fun!