Here’s a few big things about how we deal with finances, our elders will be happy to answer any questions.

1. Our pastors have elected not to handle money or be signatories on any church payments.

We have a treasurer and a carefully-selected counting team. There are CCTV cameras everywhere money is dealt with. Electronic payments are loaded by an administrator and released by our treasurer who is a member of the congregation and may not be a member of staff or the eldership.

2. We work on a budget

signed off by our leadership team and monitored by our Treasurer and elders. Our budget is designed according to categories that must fit within pre-determined percentages.

3. Salaries are independently determined.

Our senior pastor and wife’s salaries are determined by our elders in consultation with our national Assemblies of God leadership team. Salary brackets are determined using tables and scales that are policy for all our churches nationally. These tables are designed to fit the economic context of the city and the church’s growth trajectory. The rest of our staff follow the same procedure but internally.

4. We are audited annually

by Graham Marick and co.

5. We do regular Financial updates and reports

to our members. This happens in different ways at different times – sometimes on special Sundays and other times in more detail at special meetings.

6. We practice an open-book policy.

Any member of the church who is in good standing can request detail on our financial records from our Treasurer.

Destiny Church is a registered non-profit organization. At Destiny we believe that people who give deserve to have confidence that every rand makes an impact in our vision to serve the city. For this reason we adhere to strict financial management procedures and money is handled with integrity and a spirit of excellence.





A card machine is available at our services

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